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Dan unveils the” #1 Champion” cigar box guitar

Video: #1 Champion Cigar Box Guitar on YouTube

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Breaking News: Summer In New Orleans is Hot

Not much to report here. Usual humid sluggishness, exotic head and hand injuries, having to work for a living, et cetera makes for the usual vacation from progress. If you are looking for something to read, I’ve put up a blog (mostly about music) here: http://aleatoric.backporchrevolution.com

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Guess where?

Believe it or not, this is New Orleans a short while ago this morning. (See the palm tree?) And it’s still coming down. 

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Getting to the point.

Shortest letter ever? I bet it’s a short enough sentence for W to write all by himself.  It’s never too late!  “Dear Condi, …” 

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The good guys finally win one!

 This picture was taken on the morning of Election Day at the Whitney Bank in Carrollton (New Orleans), right after I visited my local polling place to cast my vote.  Seen on twitter’s election channel later that day: “We just blew up the Death Star!” 

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dan’s photomusic blog

check out dan’s new photo blog and download his weekly pinkysqueak mp3s: http://blog.ganx4.com  

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Parades Cancelled.

yes, it’s true… no parades tonight… but here’s the view i saw this morning from the studio window…

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