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Chef Menteur at Circle Bar, Saturday night 4 Jan 2020

Written on December 31, 2019

Chef Menteur with Good Sugar and The Stacks at Circle Bar, Saturday, January 4, 2020

A band, inevitably called “Chef Menteur” is playing Sat Jan 4 at the Circle Bar. It’s the first time this name has been used for a live performance since the December 2016 Mermaid Reunion Festival at the Truck Farm. Our distinguished ancient comrade Court Batson (who played mandolin on a few tracks and in Archipelago and the Gin Friday String Band) joins on the bass guitar. We’ll be doing some more primitive, soulful 2-chord jams— stepping back in time from complex progressive rock arrangements towards a more droney psychedelic aesthetic, but with just guitar, bass, organ and drums instead of layers of bests, samples and synths.

A tight little outfit called Good Sugar will be debuting. We know they are very good because they practice next door. They are doing a 70’s jazz rock type thing in the vein of Vulfpeck or Steely Dan.

Another band that’s playing is called the Stacks. They are the Stacks of David Rhoden from New Orleans, not the other bands or shops you might have heard of. The last time a band called Chef Menteur played with a David Rhoden band was before the levees broke, but we run into Dave often around town. It’s for the people that like to rock and/or roll.

The music starts at 8pm sharp. $5.

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