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New video: “Il obstrue ma vue de Vénus”

Written on June 24, 2011

Over the past few weeks Dan has been dragging the rest of us around different parts of New Orleans. Without knowing why, we were told to drag our equipment through the streets, ruins, and parks of New Orleans.

Parts of City Park, the French Quarter, New Orleans East (by the abandoned Six Flags amusement park) and of course a certain rooftop in Mid-city figure in this video.

With no further ado, here is the second video featuring a song from our upcoming album. The song’s called “Il obstrue ma vue de Vénus”:

Il obstrue ma vue de Vénus from Chef Menteur on Vimeo.

“Venus” will be song 2 on side A. Get your copy of the new double album by pledging $30 to our Kickstarter fund.

The last minute or so of the video was shot at the rooftop party on June 11. Thanks to our good friends Court Batson and Carl Moller for contributing their camera work.

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