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mermaid swansong.

Written on September 8, 2009

the place was shutting down soon anyway. maybe it was just being all-but-kicked-off the stage at the mermaid (we only played three songs that night). this is from a live stereo tape recording of a mermaid show we did with the bastard sons of subotnick and shatner. there were not enough people to make three bands, either on or off stage. i think potpie brought homebrew beer backstage and deprived the club of some possible revenue and that had more to do with kicking us out than the music. or maybe not. you be the judge. gilgamesh was our third and last song that night, and yeah, we kinda dragged it out. if you dig that kind of thing, you’ll like this. if not, you’ll hate it.

gilgamesh from last show at the mermaid

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