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PotluckCon show at the Dragon’s Den, 6 June 2008

Written on May 29, 2008

On the first night of the Potluck Audio Conference, Chef Menteur is playing the Dragon’s Den with A Living SoundtrackDouglas Ferguson, Rat Bastard and splnlss (Jon Cohrs).Flyer for Chef Menteur gig at Dragon’s Den, New Orleans, 6 June 2008

A Living Soundtrack (New Orleans) could be one of the best live electronic bands in the country and a must-see for anyone who thinks they know what the New Orleans music scene is all about. “There’s a new sound bubbling out of New Orleans and it doesn’t sound funky. Will the Big Easy be the birthplace of the next decade of rock?” – Jambase.com alivingsoundtrack.com Douglas Ferguson (Austin, Texas) is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter. Douglas improvises and scores with a combination of homemade electronics, fx pedals, synthesizers, and acoustic instruments to create sound installations, textural soundscapes, and soundtracks. Douglas has performed solo as well as in the following bands: Necessity, O.U.C.H., Study Partners, the Austin Theremonic Orchestra, EList of Likes, Lunar Death, Tetrahedon, Ejouto Dynamato, Buckle, Book of Shadows, ST37, Primordial Undermind, Rest Area, Venison Whirled, and Laundry Room Squenchers. http://www.douglasferguson.us Chef Menteur (New Orleans) has been confounding people’s expectations since they put a monkey in the oval office. Ot-of-phasey psychedelic drifters recently nominated for best local electronic rock act. “Sounds like an instrumental version of Kashmir as performed by Gary Numan” –Aural Innovations. The live lineup of Alec Vance, Dan Haugh, and Brian Abbott with Mike Mayfield may surprise those who last saw the band play live a year ago. http://www.chefmenteur.org Rat Bastard (Miami): Multi-beer drinking, producer and hoo-ha guitarist by way of Laundry Room Squelchers, To Live and Shave in LA and Scraping Teeth —”Worst Band in America”. spnlss a.k.a Jon Cohrs (Brooklyn) is a visual/sound artist who recently migrated from Portland (where he worked at Jackpot!), runs a recording business named after his missing spleen, and works for Laurie Anderson.For more info: http://www.backporchrevolution.com/shows.php 

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