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Rollergirl of the week

Written on March 9, 2008

Crusty Mcknuckle #27 Big Easy Rollergirls Mardi Gras 2008Our former Original Groupie, Crusty Mcknuckle (#27 Crescent Wenches) is the Times-Picayune’s Big Easy Rollergirl of the Week! We’ve had to play groupie to herself and Scabigail (#1337 Storyvillains) ever since. Oh, how the tables have turned. Here is an adorable picture of her from this year’s Mardi Gras. Don’t let that cute smile trick you, she will kick your ass back to the 1970’s on the track. Or anywhere else for that matter.And yes, she is good at blowing her own horn. But thanks for playing! http://blog.nola.com/flattrackfever/2008/03/rollergirl_of_the_week_crusty.html 

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